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The Externalizer

Stress manifests in our bodies both physically an emotionally.  Emotional stress can bring up feelings for anxiousness, irritability, overwhelm and exhaustion.  There is no such thing as an ideal processing style, one is not better than the other. What we can do is learn to recognize how we as individuals process stress and take actionable steps to support our bodies through it. 

As an external processor you tend to put a lot of pressure on yourself and when experiencing stress can have trouble organizing your thoughts, find yourself impatient and easily frustrated and carry a general feeling of exhaustion. 

As an external processor you also tend to process your feelings outward, sharing them with others and talking them out.  You prefer to voice your concerns to get them in order before addressing them. 

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  • You have trouble organizing your thoughts

  • You are easily frustrated 

  • You don't wake up feeling energized and refreshed

  • Your mind is constantly racing to the point of overwhelm

  • You find yourself impatient with those around you

  • You can't seem to turn your brain "off" at night


When you are under stress you don't feel like yourself.  Our emotions are not good, bad, right or wrong.  Every emotion is information and when we listen to what they tell us we can become empowered to take an action step that meets our needs. 

Our teas were crafted to address a wide range of emotional needs. They are purposefully blended with adaptogen herbs and botanicals to support your body through emotional and physical stress. 

Below you will find our custom tea recommendations to give your body personalized support as you navigate life's stressors. 

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Achieve Clarity

focus · reflect · inspire

Our Vanilla Earl Grey tea formulated with holy basil and licorice root to help the brain think clearly under stress and bring mental focus. 

Seek Peace

soothe · release · comfort

Our Rooibos Coconut Chai tea formulated with milk thistle and dandelion root to help alleviate anger and frustration and restore inner peace


relax · sleep · recover

Our Apple Cinnamon Chamomile tea formulated with ashwagandha and chamomile to help recover from exhaustion and promote restful sleep

Real Ingredients

To ensure that each sip is nutritious and comforting, we use only organic whole leaf tea blended by hand in small batches. To counteract the toll stress takes on our emotional well being we use nourishing superfoods and adaptogens to restore our body to its natural state. 

Real Impact

Notice a difference in how you feel with every sip.  The unique blend of ingredients chosen for each blend are backed by science and offer time-tested benefits that last long after you've finished your cup. 

Real People

Join a community of people who realize that the emotional toll of stress is  negatively affecting how they live their life and want to learn how to restore their emotional wellness and reconnect with their inner self so they can be the best version of themselves.

Simple, Quick and Delicious!

Simply choose your tea, scoop it ino your teabag, add water and steep until it is ready to drink.

Scoop loose tea to the teabag

Add teabag to your cup and pour water

Steep the teabag until done

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