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A Foundational Nutrition supplement for whole body health.*

Since 2010, AG1 combines the power of multiple supplements like vitamins, probiotics, and whole food sourced nutrients into just one scoop, making it your simplest daily health habit.

90-day money back guarantee

Supports gut health*

Supports healthy aging*

Immune support*

Top rated taste

Backed by research

Third party tested

Supplementation, simplified

Mix one scoop of AG1

With 8 oz. cold water


Enjoy the refreshing taste of pineapple and vanilla

Whole body benefits in one scoop

Even with the best diet, some nutrients can be hard to get. That’s why AG1 delivers optimal amounts of nutrients in forms that help your body thrive.*

Gut health

AG1 supports gut health with soothing, easy-to absorb ingredients that boost digestion and help ease bloating.*

Focus & energy

Adaptogens and minerals help you feel sharp and focused while supporting your daily energy levels.*

Stress & mood balance

Adaptogens and essential micronutrients help you feel calm and relaxed by balancing your body's response to various types of stress.*

Immune defense

You feel strong and nourished thanks to AG1's essential nutrients that support a healthy immune system.*

Researched. Studied. Continuously Improved.

In a single-arm studyassessing self-perceived efficacy of AG1, participants reported impacts on energy. digestion, and stress.

At 30 Days*


of participants felt more energy


noticed less gas & bloating

At 90 Days*


of participants felt more calm


noticed less cravings during the day

Get Started with your AG1 Welcome Kit**

Free welcome kit includes 5 travel packs and a one year supply of Vitamin D3 + K2** for added micronutrient support

75 high-quality vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced nutrients to support optimal health of the brain, body, and gut*

Build a healthy daily habit that takes less than one minute per day

Promotes gut health, supports immunity, boosts energy, and more*

Backed by our Scientific Advisory Board

90-day money back guarantee

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No sugar added

No artificial sweeteners

Feel the power of One

AG1 is formulated to combine the highest quality ingredients, intentionally selected to work together to conveniently cover multiple areas of health.

AG1 can replace

Cost per month

Multivitamin & mineral


Pre & probiotic


Greens Superfood


Stress Adaptogen


Immune Support


Cognitive Support


Total per month



Based on current available data for average industry prices of premium supplements

We set the bar for quality

We follow the latest from science and industry experts to continuously ensure AG1 works best with your body.


Intentionally curated ingredients


Iterations and counting

37,887 verified 5 star reviews from our customers

Too legit to quit.

Truly makes me feel better everyday. Been doing it a month and my energy has never been more consistent.

James J.

Excellent source of energy...

I don't drink coffee or take any pre workout due to a caffeine allergy, but AG works fantastic just as a morning-routine drink to get me amped for the day!

Enrique J.

Love the energy!

I love the energy, and gut health I get all with one supplement.

Andrea B.

Recommended by top health experts and performers

Andrew Huberman

Neuroscientist, Host of the Huberman Lab Podcast, AG1 Partner

“I’ve been using AG1 by Athletic Greens since 2012 because it’s the simplest, most straightforward way for me to get my basis of important vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.”

Robin Arzón

Head Instructor, Author of Shut Up & Run, AG1 Partner

“I’m always looking for ways to level up and improve my performance. AG1 allows me to keep up with the daily hustle that being a new Mom, busy executive, and athlete requires. I have more energy and recover faster after a tough workout because of this product...”

Sir Lewis Hamilton

Seven-time Formula 1 Champion, AG1 Partner

“I’ve been drinking AG1 every single day for a few years and it’s become a key part of my routine. As a daily clean, green source of energy - it tastes great, is convenient to take on the road, and is complete enough to be an all-in-one supplement. I love that it’s a really easy way to improve my overall health.”


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