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Wellness Teas

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At Teamotions we blend specific functional herbs with organic tea to balance your brain and body chemistry so you can positively respond to emotional stress.

Teamotions Teas

Teamotions Helps You:


  • Adapt and respond to stress
  • Produce positive emotions
  • Restore and maintain balance
  • Cope with life challenges


Crystal & Rachel Tenpenny

Co-FounderS, Teamotions

Crystal & Rachel Tenpenny

Co-FounderS, Teamotions

The Teamotions story

Crystal & Rachel Tenpenny

Co-FounderS, Teamotions

When my sister lost her twin baby daughters just days after they were born, I watched as the emotional stress took a physical toll on her mind and body.

One morning, I could tell she was having a particularly hard time, so I wedged myself next to her and her cup of tea in her big brown leather armchair and said, “I wish there was something I could put in your tea to make you feel better.”

At that moment we looked at each other and knew we had to figure out how to transform her daily cups of tea into an truly healing experience.

Using principles of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine we blended functional herbs with organic teas to support her stress response and balance her brain and body chemistry.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve been fortunate enough to share Teamotions teas and bring comfort and emotional wellness to women all around the world.

If you'd like to know which of our wellness teas are right for you, take the quiz to get your own personalized recommendations.

purposeful ingredients in every Blend

Purposeful Ingredients


To ensure that each sip is nutritious and comforting, we use only organic whole leaf tea blended by hand in small batches.


To counteract the toll stress takes on the mind, body, and soul we use nourishing superfoods and adaptogens to gently restore inner strength, balance, and energy.


A truly comforting tea has to taste amazing, so we created award-winning flavor profiles for each blend so that every sip is as enjoyable as it is beneficial.

60-Day Guarantee

“Creating each Teamotions Tea was a deliberate process from our heart to yours.  Each blend is well researched, every ingredient is purposeful, and every flavor nuance is intentional.  We guarantee you'll both enjoy your teas and feel a difference or your money back."

Crystal tenpenny

Co-Founder, Teamotions

FAQ 01

Who is Teamotions for?

Women Who Want to Feel Like Themselves Again
We all know our emotional health is important, but there often isn't something we can do in the moment to care for our emotional well-being when stressful moments arise.

Teamotions is on demand self-care that you can use whenever you're feeling overwhelmed or want to uplift your mood and shift your state of being.

FAQ 02

How Do My Teas Work?

Organic Tea With Powerful Healing Herbs
Teamotions teas contain medicinal herbs like adaptogens, nervines, and tonics to support your stress response and restore balance to your nervous system so you can positively respond to stress and change. 

The unique combinations of ingredients chosen for each blend are backed by science and offer time-tested benefits that last long after you’ve finished your cup.

FAQ 03

What are The benefits?

Immediate Relief and Lasting Emotional Wellness
Emotional wellness refers to the body's ability to positively respond to stress and change.  When our nervous system gets overwhelmed and our stress response is stuck in it's fight-or-flight survival mode it is common to feel the effects emotionally.

Teamotions teas provide immediate comfort and relief while also working to restore balance to the nervous system to help your body rest, recharge, and recover.

Each Teamotions tea is named for it's core benefit.

FAQ 04

How Will My Teas Taste?

Award Winning Flavor Profiles
We created award-winning flavor profiles for each blend so that every sip is as enjoyable as it is beneficial, unlike traditional medicinal teas.

A truly comforting tea has to taste amazing, so that you'll look forward to each and every sip so you get the long term benefits of consistent use.

FAQ 05

How Many Cups Do I Drink?

We Recommend 3 Cups Per Day
Any amount of Teamotions tea is better than none but the reason we recommend 3 cups per day is because this is the therapeutic dose of tea studied to produce the greatest long term health benefits.

To make it easy we recommend drinking a cup of Teamotions tea during your morning, afternoon, and evening based on how you're feeling.

FAQ 06

How Do I Make My Teas?

Easy to Brew, Easy to Enjoy
Even if you're new to loose leaf tea we've made Teamotions easy by including a Perfect Tea Scoop and Fill Yourself Tea Bags when you buy your recommended set.

Each display tin you'll receive also contains simple instructions on how to brew the perfect cup!

How to Get Started

1. take the quiz

We'll use your answers to recommend which teas are right for your morning, afternoon, and evening.

2. Order Your Set

Drink your first 3 teas over the course of the month to understand how each blend makes you feel.

3. Join us in Communitea

Connect with us in our online support group to get personalized guidance on how to prioritize and cultivate your emotional well-being.