Every Journey Through Grief Deserves Support

Grief doesn't have to be forever

What is Grief?

Grief is the natural and complex emotional response to losing something we wanted to keep or realizing we are never going to get something we’ve always wanted. 

The intensity of our grief is directly related to how significant and meaningful what we lost was in our lives. 

How does grief work?

Grief is the process of adjusting to life without the person or thing that we have lost and it can involve a wide range of emotions, thoughts, and feelings that can be painful and overwhelming. 

Grief can also manifest in physical symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, a weakened immune system, aches and pains, anxiety, and impaired cognitive function. 

Although no two people grieve exactly alike, our grief experiences have more similarities than differences and we can find great comfort and benefit in finding support and guidance. 

It is important to acknowledge and process our grief in healthy ways, as unresolved grief can lead to long-term emotional and physical problems.

How will teamotions help you?

At Teamotions, our sole purpose is to provide you with the essential emotional support you need to navigate through grief. 

We understand that grief is a unique and complex experience, and our approach takes into account every aspect of who you are to create the most effective support system for healing after loss. 

The 3 Support Pillars We Believe in:

“Since grief affects every part of you, your grief support should affect every part of you too.”

Rachel Tenpenny

Co-founder of Teamotions

The 3 Support Pillars We Believe in:

Pillar 1

1. Physical support

Grief not only affects your emotions but it also has physical effects on the body. If the physical toll of grief is not addressed, the body defaults to a survival state that depletes that body and interferes with emotional and physical healing. 

To recover from grief, the right nutrition and stress-reducing activities are essential. Our emotional well-being teas contain adaptogens, healing herbs, and superfoods can help rebuild the body from the inside out and deactivate the stress response. Over time, the benefits of the tea can restore a consistent state of well-being that allows for deeper healing.

Pillar 2

2. Relational support

Relational support means having other people be there for you and provide understanding, guidance, and support when you need it most. Grief is often isolating in nature but with relational support you can find connections that make you feel safe, seen & validated - all essential cornerstones for rebuilding after loss. 

Teamotions CommuniTEA provides an emotionally safe online space that fosters these meaningful relationships and provides guidance so you don't journey alone on the path of healing! 

Pillar 3

3. Personal support

The third essential component of emotional support is personal support. This means having the opportunity to get the support you need in a more individualized way. By first getting your body working better and finding people who will support you through your grief, you’ll be able to do deeper, personalized healing work with greater success when you are ready. 

Teamotions CommuniTEA's courses and coaching programs provide you with a way to actively work towards healing on your own terms. These individualized programs make sure you get the help tailored for your specific needs at whatever pace works best for you!
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