Achieve Clarity :: Vanilla Earl Grey [tin]

Achieve Clarity :: Vanilla Earl Grey [tin]

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Tin: 2.5oz, brews 64 cups

With holy basil and licorice root to improve memory and focus blended with rich black tea, bergamot oil, lavender and a touch of sweet vanilla.

Flavor Profile: Rich and robust black tea with notes of citrus and vanilla.

Emotional Benefit: Improves mental function. Calms a racing mind. Helps restore one's ability to think clearly under stress and emerge from denial or confusion.

Did You Know?: Holy basil, India's most powerful adaptogen herb, has been used for centuries to relieve mental fog and enhance memory. Licorice root, a Chinese adaptogen herb, is great for relieving symptoms of mental and physical fatigue.

Our Little Tip: As you sip, close your eyes and take ten deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, to clear and calm your mind.

Ingredients: Earl Grey Black Tea*, Black Congu Tea*, Black Breakfast Blend*, Holy Basil*, Licorice Root*, Lavender*, Cornflowers*, Natural Flavors. *Denotes organic ingredients