Give Thanks :: Maple Ginger Rooibos (caffeine free) [tin]

Give Thanks :: Maple Ginger Rooibos (caffeine free) [tin]

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Tin: 2.25oz, brews 32+ cups


(Available Oct 1 - Dec 31)

Cultivate gratitude this holiday season with soothing chamomile and calming oatstraw in a harmonious blend of red rooibos, maple, and ginger

Flavor Profile: Smooth rooibos with a subtle ginger taste and a hint of maple sweetness.

Benefit: Helps you unwind by comforting and relaxing your body and mind.

Did You Know?: Chamomile calms the central nervous system. Oatstraw is a comforting herb that helps promote relaxation and alleviates nervous tension.

Our Little Tip: As you sip, contemplate all you have to be thankful for. Express your gratitude in word and deed this holiday season.

Ingredients: Rooibos*, green rooibos*, ginger root*, oatstraw*, chamomile*, marigold petals*, natural flavor. *Denotes organic ingredient.

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